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Plastic capped notice board magnets

Premium Plastic Capped Notice Board Magnets

Buy Plastic Covered Magnets for Noticeboards online with Bunting – eMagnets™

Brighten up your office or home with our high quality notice board magnets that are strong, but not too large that they cover your documents or drawings. Available in six standard colours-white,blue,red,green,black and yellow-with a 30mm diameter.

They are easy to attach and pull off and are ideal for offices,meeting rooms,training rooms, school classrooms,kitchens and warehouses.


Part #DiameterDepthColourPull (Kgs)Package QuantityPriceQuantity
E640-10030 mm8 mmMulti0.5kg100 £44.19
EP640B30 mm8 mmBlue0.5kg5 £5.01
EP640BK30 mm8 mmBlack0.5kg5 £5.01
EP640G30 mm8 mmGreen0.5kg5 £5.01
EP640O30 mm8 mmOrange0.5kg5 £5.01
Out of Stock
EP640R30 mm8 mmRed0.5kg5 £5.01
EP640W30 mm8 mmWhite0.5kg5 £5.01
EP640Y30 mm8 mmYellow0.5kg5 £5.01
MAG64030 mm8 mmMulti0.5kg5 £5.01